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“Having been an entrepreneur and a businesswoman myself, I bring wisdom and practical sense to creative business coaching.” - Judy

“I have gained new clients and much stronger relationships in my creative field as a direct result of coaching with Judy."

"I went from a dead-end job to finding my creativity in textiles and fashion.”

“Judy helped me take that little spark of an idea, that flicker of passion, and allow it to grow and see where it might lead.”

About creative business coaching


My creative business coaching has several strands.


New business ideas

Sometimes clients come to me with this dilemma:

  • I’m in a decent, secure job, but something’s missing
  • I’d love to start my ‘own thing’, but I’m not sure what that is

Many times, they have a gem of an idea just waiting to be untapped.

Sometimes the answer is right there, but they just need help exploring and implementing the ‘how to’ of it.

Having been an entrepreneur and a businesswoman myself – as well as now running a successful coaching business – I bring wisdom and practical sense to creative business coaching. 


Expanding creativity

 Other times, people are looking for ways to develop or capitalise on their creativity:

  • I want to make more of my talents
  • I want to earn money from something new
  • I want recognition for my creative skills

Sometimes all you need is encouragement and support to get your creative project off the ground and out to the world.

Or you might feel confident about what you create – you might even know something about business or marketing – yet anything to do with selling yourself seems scary or mysterious.


Time to dream

 Still other times, quite creative or energetic people come to me with this story:

  • Work takes so much of my energy and space
  • I don’t have time to explore, have fun, find joy

You are not just your work!

Coaching offers a spacious place to:

  • discover who you are
  • explore infinite choices
  • focus on what is really important to you

Whether you want to change your job, start a new business or expand your creative talents, coaching will give you the confidence to take whatever steps will lead to greater satisfaction in your personal and professional life.


Success stories and testimonials


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