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"Judy Rich is an extraordinary life coach."

"Judy helped me access the wise woman in me

What my clients say


My clients include:

  • Recent retirees who want their next phase to be creative and fun
  • Entrepreneurs and small business start-ups seeking to clarify their vision and take steps to make it happen
  • Disenchanted professionals looking for a new challenge
  • Writers,artists and creative people who want to find markets for their work and earn more money or recognition
  • Mothers exploring a return to work

Here's what they say:


About coaching


 “For me coaching was like a warm shower, scrubbing away the residue of self doubt and fear, and moving me forward into an exciting and positive future.”   - Jan Mason, 58, Musician

Through coaching, I learned to accept my abilities and my potential as a leader.  I am ready to be brave.”  - Alastair Graham, 34, head of trust and fundraising, major charity

“I felt trapped - by my job, by money and by circumstance.
Through coaching, my skills, ideas and creativity were finally freed. This led ultimately to me founding my own business. The positive effect Judy’s coaching has had on my life is immeasurable. - Jennifer Connor, 32, founder of Oh Joy!, natural skin care products

“Coaching was like having a relationship with an improved, calmer and more practical version of my best friend
/ my mother/ partner/ boss/ teacher/ enemy and even myself – but with no agenda, no judgment and plenty of new perspectives and powerful insights. It made change both possible and exciting.  - Susan Greener, 26, sales manager

Coaching was instrumental in my change of direction. And I found Judy’s approach empowering. She extended my boundaries. She took me out of my comfort zone little by little. She listened to what I was saying and knew how far to push. She teased things out of me. She asked searching questions - sometimes uncomfortable questions - that made me think. She was very supportive and focused. I found her enthusiastic, encouraging, persistent and calm. Each session Judy introduced something new, different ways of looking at things. Each of them was useful in its own way and all of them were part of the whole experience that enabled me to move forward. - Donna Rowan, 52, freelance proofreader


About Judy

"Judy Rich is an extraordinary life coach. She not only works in a practical informative way, she is very gifted, using her intuition to ask me exactly the right questions at the right time. Her approach is exceptionally inspiring and, in terms of my own business, most rewarding. - Victoria White, 40, artist and photographer

“In my search for the right coach, I'd spoken to a few. Judy far exceeded the rest.
Her unique life experiences and sharp intellect enable her to get quickly to the heart of things, and offer pinpoint insights. Her warmth as a person and gentle nature make opening up to her easy and effortless. All in all, the perfect coach. - Jennifer Connor, 32, marketing manager

"Judy is one of life’s naturally positive people. She’s also got a lot of life experience under her belt. I feel very safe and confident talking openly with her. She’s persistent and direct, and prompts me to consider things I wouldn’t consider on my own." - Steve, 64, freelance business consultant

“Judy was a questioning partner, sounding board, spiritual sister and excellent listener
– all requirements for fine coaching in my book.”  - Amanda Seyderhelm, 45, author, artist, columnist

“For me, life coaching with Judy was like going home after a long time away and discovering that I am a grown-up with a very exciting future.
”  - Alastair Graham, 31, head of trust and fundraising, major charity


"Judy helped me get unstuck. I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how to go about itShe helped me to value myself – my abilities and my dreams – and to see that the world out there values what I offer too. She didn’t impose her own ideas – she was sensitive to me and my needs. Going to her for coaching gave me a lot more confidence and also helped me have more fun – I wasn’t putting in enough time for me. It sounds paradoxical, but since I’ve given myself more time off, everything’s begun to flow better with my work too." Aud, 30, dancer

"Judy has been an absolutely fantastic influence. I got made redundant five months ago and it was very traumaticShe helped me talk through my anger. I realised I’d been unhappy with my working life for years. What she was so good at was helping me get back in touch with who I was and what made me happy – things I already knew but which had got drowned out along the way. I’ve got a fantastic new job now – part-time, and in a place where there’s a lovely atmosphere and it’s not stressful at all. I couldn’t be happier. I don’t think I’d have got here without her."Susan, 26, sales manager

“I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to thank you for fulfilling a need of countless tall women.
  You single-handedly evened the playing field and enriched the lives of tall women around the globe when you started Long Tall Sally.” - Satisfied customer, 6 ft. 1 in. tall


Retirement coaching 

I am no longer struggling with the idea of retirement and the future because Judy not only gave me my life back, she gave me a fresh direction. I am now far more confident and relaxed and she has shown me how to be totally in control of my life and excited about the future. It`s been a truly liberating experience and my world is a better place for having met Judy."  - HN, 65, content retiree

Judy gave me permission not to feel guilty about spending time (and of course money and energy) on doing art.  I'm allowed to enjoy the process and it’s nothing to do with creating an end product."  - Jane, 62, artist and retired director of a charity


"Judy took away my fears about what to do when I retire by standing by me as we looked at the multitude of opportunities available to me and sorted them out together. Then, gently encouraging me to have confidence in my choices, she sent me out into a world that no longer looks threatening or lonely, but is full of exciting possibilities. She has great empathy, wisdom and insight, and the patience to explore my values and what really matters to me. I would recommend Judy highly to anyone who is on the brink of a major change in life. There is more fulfilment, excitement, and fun out there than you can possibly imagine and Judy can shake off your fears and excuses so that you can begin to experience life in its full glory. It's like having a major spring clean - your life suddenly looks sparkling and new!" - Jan Mason, 58, musician

I went from loving my job to dreading going to work. My bosses changed and the new bosses were younger. I began to feel more and more marginalised. Life coaching gave me the confidence to resign without another job to go to and to take time out to consider my options. It made me realise I didn’t want to carry on doing the same work and so I looked into further training, registered on a course and became self-employed nine months later. I now have a more balanced, fulfilled and relaxed but busy life and often wonder how I managed to work full time but achieve so much less!”  - Donna Rowan, 52, freelance proofreader



Creative business coaching

“I went from a dead-end job to finding my creativity in textiles and fashion. The foundations and inspiration for all the amazing changes in my life were laid in Judy’s house during our life coaching sessions.”  - Samantha Cherrington, 35, marketing manager turned fashion designer


“I have gained new clients and much stronger relationships in my creative field as a direct result of coaching with Judy. She provided a wonderful creative platform that left me no choice but to dance and paint (metaphorically speaking)... I really couldn't recommend her enough." - Victoria White, 40, artist and photographer

“My 'problem' was having so many choices and ways to expand that I felt paralysed by them.
With Judy I was able to prioritise. For example, a private pleasure I had considered not relevant to my career has, surprisingly, resulted in my first poetry collection being published in 2012. Before Judy, I’d never mentioned this passion outside immediate friends and family. For me she really has been the wind beneath my sails.  Benign, warm and wise. - Emer Gillespie, 48, actress, scriptwriter, novelist and poet


Mothers returning to work

"Judy helped me access the wise woman in me – and made me realise how strong I am. I’ve since got out of an abusive relationship and changed my hours at work so that I get to see more of my kids. I can’t express how life-changing it was – she made me realise how unhappy I was and to take responsibility for that myself." - Rachel, 25, finance assistant and mother

"Two years after I finished my last sessions with Judy I am still feeling the effects of her positive coaching. Further along my personal and professional journey, I realize that important things take time to develop and change. Judy was with me at the very rough start, and is, even now, without sessions. There are a lot of coaches but I’m glad I bought a ticket with a long haul coach. Thank you Judy." - Haru Yamada, writer, mother, tennis player extraordinaire


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