“I wish I had found out earlier what a difference coaching could make to my life!“

“Life coaching made me look at my life and consider the important things.”

"I’m so grateful to Judy for her humanity and wisdom and the deep power of coaching."

About coaching


How does coaching work?

Is it just another name for psychotherapy?

What if I don’t know what I want?

Can I meet you first to see if we get on?

How does coaching work?

I believe that all aspects of life – career, relationships, health, leisure time, emotional development and spiritual wellbeing – need to be considered when finding the right path in life.

If you decide to work with me, we will look at all of them.

We’ll begin with a discovery session during which you get to tell me all about yourself.

Together we’ll explore what really drives and motivates you, what’s important to you, what unfulfilled dreams you may have tucked away somewhere.

We’ll look at the obstacles that might be getting in the way of you achieving your full potential, and ways to overcome them.

After that we’ll have weekly or bi-weekly sessions – either in person or over the phone, depending on your schedule and where you live (you don’t have to be in London).

In each session we’ll look at your progress so far, what you want to achieve before the next session, and agree some action plans.

I also believe that each of us already has the innate resources to achieve our goals. As your coach, my job is to help you tap into these resources.

In this way, life coaching ensures that you do what’s absolutely right for you and not what anybody else thinks you should do.

Any kind of change takes time, so I ask clients to commit to at least three months.


Is it just another name for psychotherapy?

No. Life coaching does not attempt to explore a client’s psychological state of mind, and should not be seen as a replacement for psychotherapy or counselling.

Instead, coaching helps you work out your goals and then identifies the practical steps that you can take to reach them.

I actively champion you along this journey until we both feel you have arrived.


What if I don’t know what I want?

Not many people do until they give themselves the time to really think about it.

Identifying what makes you happy and fulfilled is part of the coaching process.

I am trained to ask the questions that get you thinking. I’ll use my personal initiative and curiosity to tease out your imagination, resourcefulness and courage.

I’ll also challenge the "coulds", "shoulds" and "buts" that can get in the way.

It’s my experience that the major breakthroughs in life come about when you’re having fun, and for me a sense of lightness, playfulness and creativity are an essential part of the coaching process.

Your sessions will, I hope, be something to look forward to – a part of your day spent exploring, developing and celebrating what it is to be you.

Yes, you may have to face some big decisions, but the buzz you get from making the right choices will give you a huge injection of energy and confidence.

Expect to surprise and delight yourself with what you come up with!


Can I meet you first to see if we get on?

Yes. It is essential for one-on-one coaching that the client and coach have a good rapport.

For this reason I offer a free sample session as a first step, on the phone or in person. During this session I’ll explain more about the process and answer any questions, including how much it costs.

At the end you can either walk away, or say yes to a newly rich, rewarding life.