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Creative business coaching – success stories

Jennifer, 32, founder of Oh Joy!, skin care products


“I can still remember how I felt.


Here I was, 32 years old – with 12-years’ experience in a 'career' I'd basically stumbled into. I never saw 'my job' as anything more than a means to and end – a way to fund my never-ending education and other outside interests.


But, I'd finished my master's degree and was still stuck. I knew I was capable enough – but nothing called to me in particular. And I worried about trying something new and still being able to pay the rent (which isn't easy in London) as well as a million little practicalities.

What coaching with Judy helped me to see were new ways of thinking about my life. It's precious, it's mine and it's meant to be lived.


And when it comes to life, there aren't really limits. These silly rules we learn over the years, like what you should and shouldn't do... We can take control of our life and craft it ourselves.


Maybe subconsciously I knew what I wanted to do from the moment I wrote that first email to Judy explaining why I was interested in coaching. But it was Judy who helped me to realise it – to take that little spark of an idea, that flicker of a passion...and allow it to grow and just see where it might lead me.


One of the first things I was able to achieve was to go from being a full-time employee (which I'd been for all my adult life) to becoming a free agent.


I took my years of experience in marketing, and started to market myself. I explored my network and found two 'clients' – who together provided the same income as before, with me only needing to work 3 days a week (not 5). 


This was a huge and major shift for me personally and emotionally. It also gave me time to focus on my passion - which started with nature and herbs, then developed into how to harness nature to help heal our bodies, leading on to a new concept for nature-based skincare.


Within two months of coaching, I'd set-up Oh Joy! (my limited company). The idea was to bring 100% natural and organic skincare to the world – and (as far as my research reveals) it will be the first skincare company in the UK to offer completely chemical-free products.


I then began to use my marketing skills to craft the business. I've held a focus group, product workshops, exhibited at local craft fairs to test the products and concept and have been developing the formulation of the products themselves.


Currently, I'm working on the brand positioning within the marketplace and in July will embark on a journey to visit local suppliers in Eastern Europe and Asia (where my ingredients are grown) to learn more about the production process.


So, it's really just the beginning...but thanks to Judy and her great coaching, I feel like I'm on the right path.”



Annabel Bird, 39, interior designer/writer/business analyst

I went to see Judy because, although I had a very good, well paid job, it was not what I wanted to do with my life and I had no goals.


I was half way through an interior design diploma but struggling to get motivated to finish it and couldn’t see myself as an interior designer as I didn’t feel confident enough. In short I was unhappy and in a bit of a mess.


The thing that surprised me most about Judy was that for the first few sessions we concentrated on making my present better rather than focussing on the future. This had a huge impact on my happiness and contentment, even though my situation hadn’t actually changed at that time.


The second thing that surprised me was how much we focussed on creativity. I believed I wasn’t a creative person and that I’d never succeed in that discipline. But now, a year later, I write a daily design blog and creativity is a huge part of my life and I feel much more confident in my abilities.


Today I have definite goals that I’m working towards, I feel so much more confident and creative and can honestly say that I’m happy and much of this is down to Judy."  


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