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There is more fulfilment, excitement, and fun out there than you can possibly imagine. Judy can shake off your fears and excuses so that you can begin to experience life in its full glory.

Retirement coaching – success stories

Philip Eliot

I went from ‘grey’ to ‘technicolour’

Ok. When I met Judy (highly recommended by a very close friend), my mid-life crisis (OK, I was 50 – too young to retire and too dead behind the eyes to carry on doing what I was doing) was already in full swing, I was miserable at work (Deputy Principal at a further education college), seriously burned out and knew I wanted to resign but needed a plan…

I sat down on Judy’s sofa (very comfortable - in a beautiful room with a lovely tree-lined square outside for added contemplation) not knowing what to expect or even where to start. Within a few sessions, with Judy’s wonderfully empathic and energising aura slapping me out of my stupor every week (in the nicest possible way), I had identified my values (terrifically interesting to consider), located my ‘sweet spot’, talked with my future self/alter ego, fully explored my dream life and had a plan to achieve it. All of this in the baby steps I needed. My plan was formed:

Step 1. Resign
Step 2. Set up own company and be successfully self-employed
Step 3. Sell up in London and buy a country house with room for lots of animals and run a B&B as a sideline
Step 4. Work when I feel like it

One step I remember most vividly was a simple but powerful task, considering my ‘elevator speech’.
So rather than ‘Hi I’m Philip I’m a burned out deputy principal’ it became ‘Hi, I’m Philip and I run an education improvement company – I help schools and colleges improve their students’ learning’.

That was five years ago, my company has now had five years of great business, I LOVE my work as I answer to no-one and I hit the sweet spot every day by serving my values, I do not carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, I sleep well and I have two dogs (the best bit).

A month ago I went back to see Judy for the first time since my melt-down five years earlier. I wanted to talk through my anxieties about moving (yes the dream house) and just feel that I had a process and a plan. In a single session and using the tools I had developed from my ten previous sessions with Judy I knew I could do it.

This all sounds glib and too good to be true. I realise that. But as someone who will in a few weeks be moving into my dream home I say ‘come visit! Bring your dog!’.


HN, 65, retired

"I was semi-retired, recently widowed and a little bit lost when I noticed an article in The Telegraph about Judy, the life coach. I wish I had found out earlier what a difference Judy could make to my life! 

Following a few meetings in very comfortable and friendly surroundings in Judy’s Primrose Hill home, I was no longer struggling with the idea of retirement and the future because Judy not only gave me my life back, she gave me a fresh direction.


She is incredibly humorous and warm and knows exactly how to put you at ease. She is amazingly supportive and encouraging but also quite challenging and a wonderful sounding board!   


She has great insightfulness and a professional but gentle, caring approach. She has always been excited about my successes and personal achievements and she is a very genuine and positive person.


I am now far more confident and relaxed and she has shown me how to be totally in control of my life and excited about the future.  It's been a truly liberating experience and my world is a better place for having met Judy."



Donna Rowan, 52, freelance proofreader

I undertook life coaching at 49 after a major change – I got married and moved to a new town and a new home in a different part of the country, leaving behind all my close friends.


A job I had done for 18 years was the only constant but required commuting from the North Midlands to London. 


I went from loving my job to dreading going to work. My bosses changed and the new bosses were younger. I began to feel more and more marginalised.


Life coaching made me look at my life and consider the important things – my likes, my dislikes and my ambitions; who was important and how I wanted them to impact on my life.


It made me look to the future and where I would like to be. It gave me the confidence to resign without another job to go to and to take time out to consider my options.


It made me realise that I didn't want to carry on doing the same work and so I looked into further training, registered on a course and became self-employed nine months later."